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Do you want the exact letter that I use to submit to the credit bureaus?

Many credit professionals use this process and get extraordinary results just make sure that you read the applicable compliance rules which will be given. We make no promises or guarantees, this is for informational purposes only.

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About Neko

Neko Cheri, is an accomplished author, financial literacy advocate, former realtor, entrepreneur, and entrepreneurial strategist. For the last 13 years, she has assisted hundreds of families on the road to building wealth and leveraging debt.

After dedicating over a decade to the real estate industry, Neko realized that there was huge knowledge gap within the Middle Class between having credit and understanding how to manage debt. Taking on a challenge as an opportunity, Neko developed a credit enhancement program called Credit Matters: Understanding Your Credit to help close that gap. She has also undertaken a personal mandate to educate people on how to better position themselves for wealth creation by leveraging their business and personal credit to achieve their long-term goals.

Neko is passionate about empowering families to win financially because she witnessed firsthand how many Black Americans are unaware that they are being targeted systematically by the credit bureaus for subprime loans, higher interest rates, and inaccurate data that can cripple the pursuit of the American Dream. She believes It is critical that Blacks understand how to play to win, or we will lose within the complex yet simple game of money. Having an intimate knowledge of the myriad landmines along the path to financial success has positioned her as a master tour guide along the fast track to establishing and building generational wealth.

Neko spends much of her time helping others by video blogging, hosting free credit webinars, teaching money management for youth, and sharing market trend insights.

Other Companies & Programs:
Founder of Excell Coaches
A training program to teach you how to have a successful credit repair business. 

Founder of Capital Credit Center
What we have done……………………..

Author of It’s Not You, It’s Him
Over 10,000 units downloaded & sold.

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What Others Are Saying About Neko…

I love your video’s and your wealth of knowledge.  Thanks to you, I just bought my first home.

Rhaim Dawkins

Ms. Neko Cheri, girl you are so empowering and truly beautiful inside and out.  Just had to tell you.  And my best friend is an Aquarius and so is my Queen (mom) Y’all are some of the most brilliant and brutally honest people I know.  and I love it!!

Lystra Thomas